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weaveFabric is a material made up of a fiber, such as cotton or rayon or a blend of fibers. Generally speaking, the heavier the fabric the tighter the weave should be. The looser the weave, the more a fabric is affected by heat or moisture.

The Pattern

A pattern can be woven into or printed onto a fabric. It is more durable but generally more costly for woven pattern than printed one.

The Composition

The most common fiber one can find include natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic fiber such as acetate, nylon, polyester and rayon. If the window treatment will be exposed to strong sunlight, choose a rot-resistant fiber such as linen, polyester or acetate.
Your choice of fabric plays an important role in home decorating. Factors that need to consider for the curtain style are :

roman blind - sunshine type

  • Window’s location
  • Room’s use
  • Colour scheme and furnishings
  • Choose the point to emphasize on the style
  • Shape of the window and frame or screen the view
  • The point chosen to emphasize on the style, for example, shape of the window and
    frame or screen the view
To make a too narrow look window wider is to extend the track or pole beyond the window frame so that the curtains hang against the wall rather than the architrave. Wide windows can be more suitable to have two or three flat, pleated roman blinds or roller blinds that are set at different heights along the window to gain the desired effect.


A monochromatic color scheme means use one color plus black, white and grey.
Complementary color scheme uses a pair of colors that are exactly opposite each other on the color wheel plus also black, white and grey.
Warm or cool color scheme is a specific type of analogous color scheme. A warm color scheme would have the colors considered to be warm such as reds, red-orange, oranges, yellow-orange, yellows or yellow-green. A cool color scheme would be include those cool colors such as greens, blue-green, blues, blue-violet or violet. Warm shades add life to quiet place while cool colors are of peaceful tone. Color scheme is simply a color plan and what most important is to pick colors that make you feel comfortable and match the colors in your room.


  • To mount inside the window, you need only measure the width of the opening (A) and the length (B).
  • To mount outside the window, measure as well the covered to the left (C) and right (D) of the opening, and the distance above the opening (E). This distance is usually 4 inches but it can be less if you want to mount the hardware just above the window frame or on the frame itself.
  • The distance below the opening (F) varies, depending on the style you like.
    Floor-length treatments generally end 0.25 to 1 inch from the floor.

DashLocker Guide to Fabric Care Labels Laundry NYC

Before attempting to clean your curtain fabric or upholstery fabric, you should identify the fabric and correct cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer.
Cotton, polyester, hand-painted curtains are a joy to launder. Machine wash cold and dry on the delicate cycle. The more cotton your sheer products have, the more careful you need to be when washing them. You may want to dry-clean them, or you may machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent and no bleach. We recommend re-hanging it at the window while they are still a little damp. Dry-clean your curtain only if it is specified.